REGISTER on-line for the event.  Fill out a profile and a CONSIGNOR # will be generated for you.

 A $12 registration fee is required when you register. 



Gather and prepare your items for the sale -- wash, iron, replace buttons and zippers on clothing if needed.   Collect all pieces for toys, equipment, gear and ensure they are all together and bagged if necessary. 


We require all clothing to be hung on plastic or wire hangers.  Wire hangers work best for pinning pants onto.  When hanging clothing, please hang with the hook facing left, so it looks like a question mark (?).  Please contact us if you require hangers!


Log into your consignor account and click into the tagging section and start entering your items.  Remember, NO LIMIT on items!  When done your entering, print off your tags from your home!  You start earning a minimum of 60% of the selling price of your items!  Up to 75% when you volunteer and refer friends!


DROP OFF your items

You pick the time you want to drop off your items on March 22 & 23, 2018. 

Have your items sorted by gender and in order of sizes.  Please allow 30 minutes for the drop off process/ screening of items.


Please don't forget to bring your CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT to the drop-off.


SHOP FIRST at Pre-Sales

Being a consignor gives you an opportunity to be one of the first people to shop the great deals at the consignment sale.  Don't forget to VOLUNTEER and be the first in to shop! 


ON-LINE Sales Reporting

One of the best features of this event is that you can log into your account while the sale is happening and see if your inventory is selling... and how much you are making!   Don't forget, you will be recieving BIGGER commission payouts compared to storefronts for your items! 



You decide while creating your consignor account if you would like to donate the items that haven't sold after the sale.  If you would like to donate, Nearly New Consignment Sales Events will partner with local groups to donate items to families who need it. 


If you are picking up your unsold items after the event, we ask for prompt pick up during the scheduled times on Sunday, March 25, 2018 from 6pm - 7pm.   No exceptions.  If you do not show up, your item will be donated.



The best part--your cheque will be mailed or payment will be transferred to you by e-transfer within 7 days! 


Sign up to VOLUNTEER and recieve BIGGER consignor payouts!  Keeping adding to that larger payout and

REFER A FRIEND (up to an additional 5% - remember to fill out the FULL NAME under OTHER while signing up)