Two easy steps -- 1) Prepare your items     2) Tag your items 


Prepare Your Items!


QUALITY CONTROL: We will be screening items very closely at drop-off to maintain the quality of the sale. Please use good judgement -- remember what you would want to buy when deciding what to bring to the sale.


APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING:  Please make sure there are no rips, stains, tears, holes etc.  Items will sell better when laundered and ironed. 


TIP:  When checking for stains it is best to use fluorescent lighting.

Tip:  Try rubbing liquid dishwashing detergent directly to remove tough stains!


CLOTHING:  Please check our ITEMS ACCEPTED page as a reminder for what we are accepting this sale.


  • Place clothing on a wire or plastic hanger with the hanger hook facing left so that it looks like a question mark (?).

  • No children's hangers please.

  • Pants should be safety pinned to the top part of the hanger.

  • Two piece outfits should have the bottom half attached to the back of the item pinned on at the shoulders. (so that both pieces can be viewed without unpinning the garment.)

  • OR hang second item on another hanger and attach together at top with elastic band. Never hide the second half under the first.

  • Matching accessories should be pinned to the front of the garment.

  • Do not put items together to create an outfit unless they where originally purchased as a two or more piece outfit

  • Place shoes in a Ziploc bag with tag fastened to the outside using clear packing tape or tie shoe laces together and pin tag to laces.




Please check our ITEMS ACCEPTED page as a reminder of what to bring this sale.

  • Toys & games etc. MUST HAVE ALL PIECES, be clean, not-out-of date and be in working condition with working batteries. 

  • Attach small pieces by putting them in a Ziploc bag and taping bag shut and securely tape bag to larger item. 

  • No one wants to buy a toy if they can not test it first.

  • Tape the tag with clear packing tape to toys, books, DVD's, furniture, baby equipment and other items that can not be pinned. Make sure the tag is easily seen and securely attached and that the BARCODE is not covered by tape. 






TIP:  If referred by a friend, remember to fill out their FULL NAME while filling out your profile under OTHER.

  • You will be directed to your consignor homepage. 

  • Click Enter Items to start entering in your inventory!

  • Remember to Volunteer To Work to recieve bigger commission payout!

  • Also, don't forget to select your Drop-Off Appointment for your items.


Here's an example of what your tag will look like:





















SIZE & GENDER: Select size and gender of item. Please use a numerical size and NOT S, M, L, XL for infant/children clothing.  Maternity and womens clothing Items may be sized (S, M, L, XL).  If they are already numerically tagged, please find the best size category to list them under.


ITEM DESCRIPTION: Enter a short description of your item.  Point out if your item is a brand name, as that is a selling feature.  This is also a good place to add any positive selling points, such as "Worn only once" or "Wears Well."  Avoid negatives such as "Never Worn."  Use "NEW" or "Like New!" instead.


DISCOUNT:  Check YES or NO while entering in your items if you would like your item to be discounted during the half-price day on Sunday, March 25.  Your tag will indicate YES if you would like it discounted 50%.  If not, it will still be sold at full-price. 


DONATE:  Check YES or NO while entering in your items if you would like your item to be donated after the sales event weekend.  Nearly New is working with Community Links to distribute items to families in need after the event.  DONATE will be highlighted on your tag If you would like to donate your items(s).  If you do not wish to donate your items, please ensure you pick-up your items during the 6pm-7pm pick up time on Sunday, March 25. 



  • To print your tags from your Inventory, simply click PRINT TAGS.

  • Please print tags on WHITE regular or WHITE card stock paper.  Card stock will hold up better throughout the weekend.

  • OR, EMAIL US if you would like your tags printed and mailed to you for a fee:  $5 - up to 100 tags/ $10 - over 100 tags ($1.50 mail processing fee applies) 

  • Attach the tag to the upper right-front corner (when you are facing the item) of the garment with a 1” or larger safety pin.

  • Items that are a set only require 1 tag.

  • DO NOT use stick pins, staples or clothes pins.

  • You may also use a tagging gun to attach the tag if you have one.


Here are examples of what it should look like:













A FRIENDLY REMINDER -- When using tape to attach a tag, please only use one piece of packing tape across the middle of the card. 







                 EARN MORE $$$... 

                      REFER A FRIEND!


        Earn 1% per person you refer, up to a

      maximum of 5% (5 people).


       Sign up as a CONSIGNOR and when filling

      out your new consignor registration, fill

       out the FULL NAME of the person who

       told you about the sale (under OTHER) 




Helpful Reminders...


  • Have you scheduled your DROP-OFF time yet?

  • Bring someone with you at drop-off if you need to assemble larger items like cribs/ beds/ larger toys & equipment.

  • Also bring someone to help you if you are bringing more than 100 items.

  • For a quicker drop-off, have your items sorted in categories ie: size, gender etc.

  • Make sure you are comfortable with what you prices your items at... once the sale is locked, you can't change your price. 

  • Remember to print and bring your CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT with you at drop-off!


This section is a guideline to help you make more informed desicions about pricing your items.


You know your product/ items the best!  We are excited to have you participate in our first event, and we want you to have a positive experience! 


Price your items fair - remember, items should be priced approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of the original retail price and above all, people are looking for good deals!


New and gently used items accepted!


Lower-range brands may include: 

Joe, George, Cherokee, Sears


Mid-range brands may include:

  Osh-Kosh, Carter's, H&M, Old Navy, Children's Place, The Bay


High-end brands may include: 

Gymboree, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren


Here are some examples of pricing to help you along (children's clothing guideline)...



  • Sleepers:  $2 – $6/ 2 or 3 piece PJ sets - $2 - $7

  • Bath Robe:  $2 - $7

  • Sleeveless shirts/Short sleeve shirts/t-shirts:  $2 – $5

  • Long sleeve shirts/Long sleeve t-shirts:  $3 – $6

  • Turtlenecks:  $2 - $6

  • Jeans:  $3 – $10

  • Pants (not including jeans):  $2 – $10

  • Sweatpants:  $2 - $6

  • Dresses:  $2 – $16

  • Holiday dresses:  $5 - $18

  • Skirts:  $2 – $10

  • Jumpers:  $3 - $9

  • 2pc matching (top & bottom):  $3 - $15

  • 3pc matching outfit:  $4 - $15

  • 4pc matching outfit:  $4 - $20

  • Athletic or track suits:  $4 - $12

  • Light-weight coats/Jackets:  $4 – $12

  • Heavy coats:  $5 – $20+

  • Fleece/Sweaters:  $5 – $10

  • Snowsuits:  $10 – $20+

  • Costumes:  $5 – $30+

  • Swimwear:  $3 – $10

  • Accessories (belts, bags, tights, hats, mittens, etc.:)  $2 – $10



  • Boots/ winter:  $3 - $15+

  • Boots/ hiking:  $3 - $15+

  • Runners:  $2 - $10

  • Dress shoes:  $2 - $10



  • Small (infant): rattles, stroller toys, etc:  $2 – $6

  • Medium (toddler):  toy cars, shape sorters, etc:  $4 – $15

  • Large (child):  multiple pieces, electronics, etc:  $6 – $30+

  • DVDs:  $3 – $6

  • CDs:  $2 – $6

  • Books:  $2 – $10

  • Games/Puzzles:  $2 – $15



  • Strollers:  $5 – $400+

  • Highchairs:  $10 – $50+

  • Playpen:  $20 – $100+

  • Basinet:  $30 – $75

  • Crib mattress:  $5 – $50

  • Baby Carrier/Sling:  $15 – $100

  • Crib Sets (multiple pieces):  $20 – $75

  • Blankets/Sheets:  $2 – $10+

  • Bouncy Seat:  $10 – $50

  • Bumbo (with or w/o play tray): $25 – $45

  • Swing:  $25 – $100+

  • Furniture (crib, rocker, toddler bed, etc.):  $40 - $200+

  • Bath tub:  $5 – $20

  • Potty chair:  $5 – $15

  • Bottles/feeding supplies:  $2 – $20

  • Breast pump  30-50% off current retail value


Please CONTACT US if you have any questions!